We make the best websites on the internet. Period.
We offer beautiful, innovative and just plain awesome websites for businesses.
We believe in the user experience and we believe you should too.

Our Approach

Nerd is the New Cool

Let's face it, we are more experienced, more innovative, and know more about the Internet than you. Contrary to popular belief, building websites is easy; you just have to know what you are doing, like we do. We grew up with the web and have seen how things change — now we hope to drive it. We have the skills to make you something you can be proud of, something much more than just a site.

A Website that Works

We believe that people shouldn't have to "learn" how to use a website, it should just work. We build sites with not only you in mind, but your customers as well. Our vast knowledge of interfaces and new technologies (like HTML5 and CSS3) are a key aspect of why our sites are the best.

Beauty Meets Brains

At Vintyge, we strive to make the most incredible websites on the planet. We take the time and care to ensure your site's design sets you apart from your competitors. More than looks, our 3 step process ensures your site is coded correctly the first time. We use well known, robust content management systems to make sure your site never has issues. Ever.

We want you to love your site so much, you're bragging about it.

We Can't Read Minds (Yet)

To Vintyge, support is the single most important aspect of what we do. Happy customers means good websites, which means even happier customers. It is our pledge to leave no email without a response and no voicemail without a callback. Getting the right website for your business can be stressful and can often leave you wishing for something better. Vintyge's main priority is ensure your satisfaction at every turn.

Who We Are

What is Vintyge?

Hopeful entrepreneurs Tyler Johnson and Vincent Levinger founded Vintyge, Inc. late in the summer of 2012. The premise wasn't that groundbreaking; create websites that are tailored to businesses. The vision however, was. It is our mission to deliver the best in design and user experience all while providing prompt, first class support to ensure your peace-of-mind.

Tyler Johnson

Tyler is a designer and developer from Fort Collins, CO. He has been working on software for over 7 years. He studied computer science at the University of Wyoming, however the majority of what he does is self-taught.

Tyler has developed everything from online stores to custom web applications. His latest project was an online beer bottle label designer and store for home brewers (Check it out!). When Tyler's not behind a monitor, he can be found backpacking, running and rock climbing.

You can find out more about Tyler on his personal website, TylerJohnson.me.

Vincent Levinger

Vincent is a Fort Collins native, born in 1991 to Steve and Missy Levinger. He says he gets his entrepreneurial tendencies from his parents, who own and operate the Armstrong Hotel.

He attended the College of Business at CSU for 2 years with great success before deciding to venture out into the real world of business. He prides himself on excellent communication skills, personable demeanor, and his ability to learn new things quickly.

When he's not working he enjoys biking, technology, and being with his family.

Contact Us

We always respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Don't believe it? Test us.

147 W Oak St #103
Fort Collins, CO 80524